Young Entrepreneurs Mindsets 2018

26-27 January, 2018


Young Entrepreneurs Mindset is a two-day workshop which is ideal for students and new entrepreneurs who are ready to start their entrepreneurial journey. The workshop focuses on strong skills like communication, collaboration, and leadership which are significant for building up a business. Young Entrepreneurs Mindset Workshop is designed to provide students and business enthusiasts with an intense concentration of knowledge on specific business topics, social responsibilities, business ethics and entrepreneurship skills. During this two-day program,the participants will learn the most effective techniques to start and run a business. The learning from this workshop will have a lasting impact on their educational and professional development.


  • Help participants understand the process, challenges and rewards of starting up a new business–aware them about social issues and responsibilities
  • Provide them with the tools & enhanced knowledge required to start their own business
  • Improving their chances and overcoming their odds to start their own business successfully
  • Teaching them how to make their business sustainable by creating long-term financial value & fulfilling social responsibilities